Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 32 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Greetings boils and ghouls, I’ve got yet another Halloween countdown post for you all.

  Out of all the things that I loved most about this particular holiday when I was just a wee little wretch was the Disney channel specials that would air. Out of all of them though, I loved Vault Disney’s showings of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow the most. There was no true ‘happy’ ending for our characters, which were less than Disney perfect. Ichabod on one hand was a craven little glutton who was more interested in inheriting wealth rather than finding a meaningful relationship with Katrina. Brom Bones, on the other was a muscle-bound hooligan who was more concerned about someone showing him up.

  Of course though, how can I leave out the Headless Horseman? This guy had a huge effect on me when I was a kid. No one was as creepy as the Headless Horseman. Not only did Brom Bones get to marry Katrina, the film hinted darkly at Ichabod being gone forever. Of course, as there is some ambivalence as to whether the Headless Horseman is a supernatural entity or Brom Bones, the implications are quite, quite dark indeed for a Disney film.

  Ah well, I’ve included the animation down below! Please, do enjoy it. Try not to lose your head over it! Hehehehe.

  Until next time.  

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