Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Colonel's Picks for October 23rd, 2013

Another great week for comics, folks! There are two huge debuts from Image today and some very interesting stuff coming from the Big Two. Plus, a cartoon icon of the last decade finally makes the leap into comics.

Justice League #24 (DC)

"The Justice League is DEAD!" Geoff Johns and his pals in the Crime Syndicate have done the unthinkable. Along with his artistic partner in crime Ivan Reis, this issue focuses on the Syndicate as they divvy up the world and begin phase two of their hostile takeover. This issue promises a confrontation between Shazam baddie Black Adam and the evil Super dude of Earth-3 Ultraman. While the Trinity War and the first issue of Forever Evil left me cold so far, I'm interested to see what Johns and Reis do with the CSA.

Samurai Jack #1 (IDW)

Once a staple of my Saturday morning cartoon diet, Samurai Jack now stars in a brand new series by Skullkicker's Jim Zub and artist Andy Suriano. The series creator, Gennedy Tartakovsky is involved in the comic as well, and should be a proper successor to the cartoon with his oversight. How does one of the most visually stimulating cartoons of the modern era translate to comics books? I'm eager to find out.

Pretty Deadly #1 (Image)

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios present a Western story that combines Marquez's magical realism with True Grit. This series follows Death's daughter on a mission of retribution. DeConnick's work on Captain Marvel and her previous collaboration with Rios on the Osborn miniseries are solid works and without the restraints of working for merry Marvel, this comic could be something really special.

Velvet #1 (Image)

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting brought Captain America back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe by injecting the book with lots of wartime and espionage elements. This new series should be right up your alley if their run on Cap captured your imagination. Actually, I'd go out on a limb and say this is going to be a very big deal, so you might be kicking yourself later if you don't get onboard with issue one.

Superior Spider-Man Team Up #5 (Marvel)

As you've probably heard by now, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man isn't quite as friendly these days since having his brain switched with the deadly Doctor Octopus. Doc Ock/Spidey seems to be on the side of the angels for now, but this issue finds our hero assembling a new Sinister Six. That sound you hear may just be the other shoe dropping. Chris Yost writes it, Marco Checchetto draws it, and Paolo Rivera wraps it in a beautiful cover.

Young Avengers #11 (Marvel)

Even if you haven't been following this fantastic series by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, this is a can't-miss issue. I heard on the spoiler grapevine that something very interesting will be happening with a certain Young Loki. Loki is set to star in a new series next year and this should be setting the stage for that, not to mention all the other crazy good stuff that happens in just about every issue of Young Avengers.

And that's a wrap. Six great books to look for plus new issues of Daredevil and Sex Criminals (which have been featured previously in this very column). Stop slacking and run, don't walk, to your LCS of choice and tell 'em the Colonel sent ya! Also, I recommend checking this space daily for Evan Arnold's Halloween Countdown, new episodes of the CoH Podcast, and Chris's irreverent ramblings!



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