Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 7 - The Fairy Faith (2001)

Theo: You're pretty hard-boiled, Tinkerbell.
Applecore: Call me that name again and you'll be wondering how your bollocks wound up lodged in your windpipe — from below. Just because we don't get to your side of things much anymore doesn't mean we don't know anything. 'If you believe in fairies, clap your hands!' If you believe in fairies, kiss my rosy pink arse is more like it. Now are you going to shut your gob or not?

Greetings my creepy cadre. This film is a unique one.

What is its place in the greater Halloween countdown scheme you ask? It is the only documentary on the list and it isn't necessarily scary nor horrific. What is interesting to me however, is that it is the only documentary that I know of that addresses the phenomena of Fairy belief as it exists today in areas such as Cape Breton, Ireland, and Scotland.

Director John Walker interviews people who believe in Fairies and while he does touch on the subject from a historical and folkloric perspective, the bulk of this film has to do with a modern perspective in the belief in and encounters with Fairies. The Fairy Faith is excellent overview of what role traditional beliefs play in a increasingly homogenous world. If you'd like some Halloween viewing that isn't going to turn your stomach, look no further.


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