Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 13 - Tucker & Dale VS Evil (2011)

"It's true Chad, you're half hillbilly."
Welcome to yet another Halloween Countdown post, I'm your host and purveyor of the putrid, Eerie Evan. While this isn't exactly what you'd call a scary movie, it is certainly among the more unique offerings in recent years, and for those of you looking for a healthy dose of gallows humor with your autumnal film watching this season, look no more than this film directed by Eli Craig, appropriated titled Tucker & Dale VS Evil.

This may be the most fun you'll have for Halloween movies, as it takes the convention of the killer rural dwellers that we've seen established in previous movies (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hills Have Eyes, Friday the 13th)and turns the trope on its head. Tucker (Tudyk) and Dale (Labine) are headed up to hang out a fixer-upper-cabin that Tucker purchased for the weekend, while at the same time a bunch of very kill-able (I swear that they're just like ketchup packets) college students head up to vacation at a nearby lake, yadda yadda, some people aren't going to be back for midterms. You've heard this set-up a million times before I'm sure, this is where the movie starts to shine.

When the two groups initially meet, the college students think Tucker and Dale are stereotypical tabaccky spitting woods dwellers, when we've have a previous established scene where it shows that Tucker and Dale are just ordinary people who will soon be unwittingly caught up in a crazy web of accidental deaths, misunderstandings, and bees. BEEEEEES.

One unfortunate visit to the lake with both parties present is enough to convince the college kids that Tucker and Dale are hillbilly psychos who have kidnapped one of their own...of course this is totally, completely, wrong. Our college students take on Tucker and Dale, and in the resulting wackiness ended up killing themselves. Whether they're accidentally tossing themselves into Wood chippers, running into tree limbs, or setting themselves on fire Tucker and Dale are utterly flummoxed by these 20 something year olds killing themselves all over their property.


And when you aren't laughing your head off at the satire of the conventions of the genre or the unfortunate ends of our would-be heroes also works as a demonstration of why we shouldn't be quick to judge people. Mostly because you might end up running into a wood chipper. 

Usually I'd toss in the trailer here, because it ruins the movie I'm not going too. Instead, you'll be able to watch this one on Netflix and I do urge you to check it out, this one is way up there with Army of Darkness as far as horror comedies go. Don't miss it!     

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