Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 11 - Halloween Wars

Greetings kiddies, your ol' pal Eerie Evan is back once again. I've got a guilty pleasure this Halloween season, and it's name is the Food Network's Halloween Wars. A bunch of teams consisting of pumpkin carvers, candy pullers and other assorted confectionists duke it out to impress judges with their scariest work. As if this wasn't enough fun, you've got people like Rob Zombie, Tony Todd and Charlaine Harris as guest judges!  


So far, I've looked forward to every episode (compared to most of the stuff on basic cable, this is gold) but there isn't much run time left if you want to check it out. October 27th is the final air time, at 8 central. Trust me, (and why wouldn't you?) if you have any interest in cooking at all you should check it out. I've included a Youtube video below with a few choice cuts, should you be so inclined.

Until next time.


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