Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 25 - Suckablood (2012)

"On dark stormy nights it comes, for those boys and girls who still suck their thumbs." - Opening Narrator.

Hello again kiddies, your horrid host is back once again. Tonight I'm taking a look at a short film called Suckablood, directed and script written by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy. The cinematography and scene work is nothing short of brilliant. You get treated to just about every trick in the book. Heh, you see what I did there kiddies? And dead heads say that Eerie Evan doesn't have a ghost of a sense of humor.


The appearance of the Suckablood in particular and its peculiar motives bear more than just a passing resemblance to the Fey of Irish legend. After all, such names as 'the gentle folk', 'the fair folk', and perhaps most well known 'the little people' have very little to do with the stereotypical idea of jolly Leprechauns traipsing about on St Paddy's day, getting pissed on green beer. In fact, it had a hell of a lot to do with the fact that the Fey were beyond mortal comprehension and morals, so you'd best do some kind of appeasing if you didn't want something terrible to befall you.

The fey of olden times were not some kind of happy go lucky mini-humans hopped up on their own pixie dust who fluttered around on wings. At best they didn't put thought into how they interacted with humans (ask Rip Van Winkle), or at their worst they were essentially the Joker with magic powers. I could list such examples as stealing new borne children, kidnapping adults so that they could be raped or tortured, or worse, but that will all be a tale for another day. With Suckablood, we can see this fine tradition of  poetic-justice-turns-on-the-unjust with a smattering of getting hoisted up by your own petard continue on.


While I shall not spoil the contents of the short, I will say that it is one of the most unique things I've seen so far this Halloween season and should pleasantly surprise anyone looking for a dark little fairy tale with elements that are a bit closer to the source material and well made to boot. So turn the lights down low, plug in those headphones, and enjoy a very special treat.

Until next time kiddies.

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