Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 20 - The Lurking Horror

Greetings kiddies, your ol' horror host, Eerie Evan is back at it again. Today I'll be looking at an old favorite of mine. A little text adventure called The Lurking Horror released by Infocom in 1986.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you now. "What's that Grandpa Eerie? Text adventures scary? I bet you wheeze you when ride elevators." Well I do! But that don't mean that a little venture outside of your namby-pamby 256 color graphics card color zone won't be rewarding.


If it wasn't for the word 'Horror' in big bright red letters in the title, you might not even think that this had anything to do with oogie-spookies. In fact, you'd probably swear up and down that this was more about a lazy college kid who is stuck on campus in the middle of a blizzard trying to last minute his way through a 20 page paper than it is about what would go bump in the night.

The game's box even included a fun group of "feelies" to set the atmosphere just right. You'd open it up to find a student id to your fake school, the kind of maps that you'd find at a Freshman orientation so you can keep track of your progress - oh! And a very realistic rubber centipede that probably caused more than one person to jump.

This is one of Infocom's best games, and that is saying something. Infocom being best known for Trinity a title which explores the meaningless of war in the atomic age, and A Mind Forever Voyaging, which explored...well..just about everything. So why not click on the link and give this one a try?

Until next time kiddies.

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