Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Colonel's Picks for July 3rd, 2013

Oh Paula, you done messed up. I tried to warn you about those plantation-themed dinner parties, but you just wouldn't listen to the Colonel...
Boy howdy, this week looks exciting! Your very own Colonel Reddenbacher is back to let you in on his pull list for another week of funnybook purchases. Publishers big and small stepped up to the plate this week and everybody knocked one out of the park! Read on, true believers...
Satellite Sam #1 (Image)

CoH favorite Matt Fraction and some guy named Howard Chaykin team up to present a murder mystery set in the Golden Age of Television, brought to you in glorious black and white! If you've never read Chaykin's stuff before, or even Fraction's indy work, you're in for a kinky, chain-smoking surprise.
Catalyst Comix #1 (Dark Horse)

The first of nine issues, this anthology series hopes to return several concepts from Dark Horse's old Comics Grreatest World imprint. With talent like Joe Casey and Rafael Grampa at the helm, that should be easy. Besides, who hasn't been clamoring for the return of Casey's Mastermind? Described as "superhero comics with a back-alley face lift", it's easy to see why your Colonel is excited for this.
Mercy Sparx #1 (Devil's Due)

You know the Colonel loves bad girls and Mercy Sparx is the baddest. She's so bad, it took the combined efforts of Kickstarter and Devil's Due publishing to get her off the mean streets and back on the spinner racks. Josh Blaylock and Matt Merhoff of Brainmachine Comix continue the adventures of Heaven's secret weapon.
The Owl #1 (Dynamite)

Time displaced Golden Age hero? Check.
Bombastic writing and art by J.T. Krul and Hubert Khan Michael? Check.
Obligitory Alex Ross painted cover? Check.
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)

In the spirit of great 90's miniseries spotlighting villains such as Deadly Foes of Spider-Man, comes an all-new ongoing series from writer Nick Spencer and artist Steve Lieber. Featuring a cover from the always astounding Marcos Martin, this book pits some of Spidey's more hapless enemies against a much deadlier, Otto Octavius-powered wallcrawler. If you're the type who loves to root for the bad guy, this one's for you!
Final Plague #1 (Action Labs/Danger Zone)

I'll keep tooting on the Action Labs horn until you people start listening, by George! The Action Labs crew have already made a name for themselves producing high-quality all-ages reading, but with their Danger Zone imprint, they look to corner the mature readers market as well. The Final Plague features the creative talents of J.D. Arnold and Tony Guaraldi-Brown and is worth at least a looksie while you scan the shelves of you LCS today.

Well, that's my stack for this week, haters! Get on your ten-speeds and race to the nearest comic book store. But pedal your heart out as you might, you'll never beat me! I'm already living in tommorow, placing spoiler tags on my very thoughts!


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