Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Colonel's Picks for July 17th, 2013

This old Colonel is more than just your average streetwise vigilante. I'm a beacon, nay, a blinding light that sears your eyes every Wednesday morning with the siren song of new comic books. Maybe that last liter of cough syrup was my limit. I dunno. All I know is here's my pull list for the week!

Five Color Comics #1 (Art Of Fiction)

Forty-eight pages of New comic adventures from the Art of Fiction crew. Ransacking the golden age comics and men's adventure magazines of my youth, Eric Warfield and Troy Nixey have masterfully crafted a collection of retro tales designed to showcase their timelessness. There's a cover by animation titan Bruce Timm to boot.

Day Men #1 (Boom!)

Even with a cliched premise involving immortal vampire families, seeing Brian Stelfreeze draw anything is always a treat. When one of the modern masters returns to his craft (he never really left, just lied low), you put your preconceptions away and just enjoy the ride.
Batman '66 #1 (DC)

Finally! A print edition of Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case's brilliant take on the classic Adam West Batman series from the swingin' sixties. If you missed the digital edition, now's your chance to relive the Colonel's favorite decade. Excuse me while I adjust myself after reminiscing over Julie Newmar...meow.

Red Sonja #1 (Dynamite)

Who better than Gotham City's own Gail Simone to help relaunch the Red Sonja franchise? No one, that's who. Gail and artist Walter Geovanni (Witchblade, Prophecy) bring the crimson haired warrior woman into a new series, lobbing off the heads of monsters and misogonysts (sp?) everywhere.
Numbercruncher #1 (Sloth Publishing)

Another brainchild of the mad and brilliant Simon Spurrier (Six-Gun Gorilla), Numbercruncher is the story of a mathematician who has found a way to cheat the "divine calendar" of death. Sounds like the movie Pi, but hopefully easier to follow. This Colonel's all for mindbending, just as long as he doesn't get lost in the ether.

Well folks, my goose is honked. Now quit pestering me and get over to your LCS. Repair the economy with your purchases and repair you soul with some comics!


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