Saturday, July 6, 2013

Club Of Heroes at the Movies Playlist

Summer "blockbusters" disappointing you? Ticket prices got you down? Is it just too effing hot outside? Enjoy these past movie reviews from the air conditioned comfort of your own home!

Man of Steel

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Iron Man 3

Django Unchained

Man of Steel Trailer (The Very First Episode!)

As far as new episodes, that fat cat Chris is in the process of moving right now, so the podcast is on a brief hiatus. Once the lava cools beneath him and the ground is solid once again, expect a regular dose of free audio goodness. And how! Just try to contain your excitement as I tick off this list of coming attractions: The History of War Comics Continued, The Saga of Stan and Jack, and a special episode dedicated to our dear listener Rico all about a certain jade giant!

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