Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For March 6th, 2013

Big daddy Redenbacher is back, baby! You just can't keep a good Colonel down. I'm ready to head into the field once again and rejoin my allies in the Club of Heroes, but first I've gotta see what's in my pull box for this week. You can't just leave for battle without supporting a trusty comic book retailer along the way!

Lost Vegas #1 (Image)

Jim McCann and Janet Lee welcome you to the casino-filled space station Lost Vegas for a weekend getaway. Just don't get caught up in gambling debts, like the titular lead of this very series! This high concept stuff might sound like a bad tv pilot, but I doubt an Eisner Award-winning duo like McCann and Lee plan to play any familiar notes. What to expect: the unexpected!

Age Of Ultron #1 (Marvel)

The monsterous murder machine of the Marvel U returns at last! After a Free Comic Book Day preview issue over two years ago, Brian Bendis and Bryan Hitch return to finish their swan-song to Bendis's Avengers saga. In the past, Ultron has been one of the deadliest rogues in all the Marvel universe, and this new miniseries looks to reestablish him as a definent threat. There are also rumblings in the comics rumor mill that this series will have a greater effect on Marvel continuity as a whole. Could a "Crisis" be occuring within the Marvel universe..?

Shadowman #5 (Valiant)

This issue begins a new arc for Shadowman, a title that has piqued my interest since the start of the recent Valiant relaunch. The Voodoo-powered hero was a favorite of mine in the early to mid-ninties and the current series has been a great blend of occult and superhero tropes. The initial arc reintroduced the character for new and lapsed readers, as well as setting up a rogues' gallery for the hero. If you like moody, mystical superheroics, you may get a real kick out of Shadowman.

Avengers #7 (Marvel)

Newer readers may be unfamiliar with Jim Shooter's New Universe line, an imprint within Marvel comics in the 80's that brought a new wave of superhero and sci-fi concepts to spinner racks everywhere. Rumor has it Jonathan Hickman plans to integrate these long-forgotten characters into the "regular" Marvel cosmology. As mentioned above, Marvel seems to be building it's own Multiverse of sorts and one can't help but wonder if we as fans are about to bear witness to an epic clash between the many sub-universes that lie dormant within Marvel's publishing history. Imagine the Avengers, the Ultraforce, and the cast of DP7 all wrapped up in an epic power struggle! Anyhoo, if that should come to pass, this issue might be a good "jumping-on" point as they say in the industry.

Sex #1 (Image)

Joe Casey wants you to buy Sex. He's made no bones about it in his promotion of this series. Sex is the story of Simon Cooke, a retired superhero, and the misadventures that plague him after he returns to his old stomping grounds. Author supreme Joe Casey refers to superheroics as an "alternative lifestyle", so one can see this won't be your average superhero deconstruction story. Expect a classy commentary on comic book storytelling juxtaposed with enough sweaty sensual fervor to make you just a little uncomfortable.

Oh, are done, son. With my body restored and my confidence multiplied one hundred-fold, do you really think you'll survive another encounter? Round Two! Ring The Bell!

What you gonna do brother, when Orville-Mania runs wild on you!

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