Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For March 13th, 2013

Spring Break!

This old Colonel prefers to kick it with some bouncing beach bunnies this time of the year, so this may be a more lackadaisical effort than usual, faithful readers. Besides, from my vantage point, it was a pretty weak week for new releases. Let's see what I can scrounge up for you.

Doctor Who Classics #1 (IDW)

These previouly released strips starring the seventh doctor are reprinted here for the first time. It's comforting to know that IDW plans to make these reprint editions a regular thing. So fire up the TARDIS and set coordinates for you comic book retailer of choice.

Aliens vs. Parker #1 (Boom!)

Is this high-concept sci-fi or a bad sci-fi sitcom? The solicitation copy for this new title left me wondering. This series follows a group of delivery men in space (Futurama...?) and the grand adventure this group of losers are thrust into. The writing team of Paul Scheer and Manuel Bracchi created that CSI parody show that graced the Adult Swim network a few years ago, so expect a lot of poking fun at genre conventions and jokes you've probably heard before. On a slow week like this week, I'll give it a chance and the fact Boom! Studios put their name on it doesn't hurt.

Triggergirl 6 #1 (Image)

Jimmy Palimiotti, Justin Gray, and Phil Noto present a collection of their Triggergirl 6 strip. The series follows an assassin on a mission to kill the president and her mysterious origins. We in the espionage business call that 'Tuesday'. Palimiotti and Gray have been one of the strongest comic writing teams in recent memory, taking concepts like the Freedom Fighters and All-Star Western out of obscura and ensuring them a loving home on today's shelves. Their tight plotting, along with multiple-award-winning artist Phil Noto radical renderings makes this a pick for sure.

Wolverine #1 (Marvel)

Paul Cornell and Alan Davis have sold me on this title, even if it is just another Wolverine book. After the disappointment that was Savage Wolverine, the sky's the limit here. Cornell writes razor sharp dialogue and makes clever use of whatever fictional universe he's writing in, while Alan Davis is a master of the comic art style. Davis even wrote and penciled the X-Men books in the late ninties, so he knows how to draw a "Snikt!" that really jumps off the page.

Grimm Fairy Tales St. Patricks Day Special (Zenescope)

It's not very often you see a funnybook based on the Colonel's favorite Holiday! And you know if anything from the Grimm Fairy Tales line makes onto it my pile it must be a slow week for comic releases!

...And that's the stack, ladies and germs. Now if you'll excuse me, I have copious amounts of liquor and hallucinagenics to consume before the week is out, so I'll leave the Paula Deen hunt up to you. If she comes stomping through your hometown, send us a postcard and we'll feature it!


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