Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Colonel's Picks for March 20th, 2013

This week, it's fiends from dimension five, youthful lawgivers, and justice in a tight flight suit. It's time again to share some of the contents of this week's "to read" pile with all of you playing at home. It's time for the Colonel's Picks, baby!

Action Comics #18 (DC)

Can Superman defeat the maniacal Lex Luthor, the fifth-dimensional Vyndktvx, and the furious Superdoom all in one extra-sized issue? Of course he can! Grant Morrison has pulled back the curtain in previous issues to show us a plot to murder the man of steel that spans from his infant years on Krypton to his lonely struggle at the end of days. Rags Morales and Brad Walker are doing a bang up job rendering intense pan-dimensional fight scenes and powerful personal moments, making this a complete package and a fine addition to the Superman mythos. It's been a little Smallville, a little Birthright, and even a little Jerry Siegel golden age as well. This is the final issue of Grant's run, with Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel taking over the title next month.

Judge Dredd Year One #1 (IDW)

IDW proudly presents the formative year in detail for 2000 AD's foremost crimefighting figure, the stoic Judge Dredd. 2000 AD Editor In Chief Matt Smith is writing this one, with art by Dredd veteran Simon Coleby. As most Dredd-heads can tell you, Dredd ages in real time in the 2000 AD strip and is now pushing 80 I believe. It should be fun to flash back to the earliest days for a more spunky, youthful "I am duh laawww!" shenanigans.

Five Ghosts #1 (Image)

The Haunting of Fabian Gray starts here! The solicit copy promises a bold, new era in pulp adventure and that's the right kind of hype to get this old Colonel's blood pumping. Heck, any time a new series proudly touts it's pulp trimmings, I'm inclined to at least give it a look. The elevator pitch for this series sounds pretty good, featuring a treasure hunter who's posessed by five "literary ghosts". The story is by Frank J. Barbiere and the art is by Chris Mooneyham.

Captain Marvel #11 (Marvel) (Use this cover)

Kelly Sue DeConnick and a slew of artists have really made Captain Marvel into something special. A brisk read with a strong female lead and aviation-themed sense of wonder and adventure. Scanning through upcoming releases the cover to this issue stuck out at me and screamed "Colonel's Pick!". DeConnick and artist Filipe Andrade promise a new twist on an old foe to kick off a brand new story arc. Give this one a shot, or Ms. Danvers may have to come over and rip up all of your X-Mens!

The Unauthorized Tarzan HC (Dark Horse)

Back in the swingin' 60's, Charlton comics commited a famous faux-paus in the form of copyright infringement, mistakenly believing that the Tarzan character had fallen into the public domain. The Tarzan comics collected here (originally drawn by the likes of Joe Gill and Sam Glanzman) were quickly pulled from shelves and Charlton's foray into Tarzan stories was tragically cut short. Damn legalities. Just a quick Google search of either Gill or Slanzman reveals these two were tearin' it up on titles like House of Mystery and Our Army At War around this period. So if classic art on a classic character in a classy hardcover collection sound like your thing, why not take a chance on this collection.

Well, we go from one unauthorized bare-chested king of the jungle to another. So long folks, and happy landings if you should choose vine-swinging as your personal mode of conveyance to your LCS this week.


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