Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For February 6th 2013

With the Club of Heroes deployed to ground zero, it's time for what may be my very last picks of the week before we head off to battle Paula Deen. Think of this as not only my picks for this week, but also a last will and testament of sorts. What was on top of the Colonel's pile when we went to war? Read On...

Garth Ennis' Red Team #1 (Dynamite)

Garth Ennis has been of favorite of mine ever since Tales Of The Rifle Brigade. Be it the Punisher, Hitman, or The Boys, he knows how to write thoughtful stories about gun-toting characters. The violence and vulgarity in his comics can turn some folks off at first glance, but even the most horrific stories he writes have a lot of heart. In this new series from Dynamite Entertainment, he and artist Greg Cermak follow the descent of four narcotics officers into the dark side of law enforcement. Sounds gritty enough, but what really interests me is another Garth Ennis story about man's resolve (or lack thereof) in the face of temptation. Probably not for the kiddies, though.

Transformers Spotlight: Megatron #1 (IDW)

Journey back into Transformers canon with this one shot, where we revisit Megatron's battle with the hobbled Decepticon forces led by Starscream. Just how did Megatron reclaim his evil empire? Nick Roche and Livio Ramondelli hold the answers. I'm picking up this one just to see that turncoat nancy Starscream get his just desserts!

Dia de los Muertas #1 (Image)

This is the first of a three issue anthology from Image based around the Mexican Day of the Dead. Tales of lost love, poltergeists, and otherworldly journeys brought to you by a whole slew of creators. Riley Rossmo, creator of Cowboy Ninja Viking, provides the artwork (stunning) while several writers lend their voice to his pretty pretty pictures.

Snapshot #1 (Image)

Recently I read Green Arrow: Year One by Andy Diggle and Jock and really enjoyed myself. Snapshot looks to be the duo's latest creator-owned endevour. A comic store employee finds a cell phone that belongs to a hitman and has real action and adventure thrust upon him. The premise is good and I know the art by Jock will be solid, so I suppose the only x-factor here is Diggle. I haven't read enough of his work to tell if Green Arrow Year One was the exception or the rule. Diggle's also taking over Action Comics when Grant Morrison leaves, so I wish him the best at both publishers.

Avengers Assemble Annual #1 (Marvel)

This annual promises to spotlight the Vision, one of my favorite Avengers. The stoic android has long been in the background of the Marvel Universe, but with the big Age Of Ultron story brewing for next year, maybe he'll get some more face time. Christos Gage is the writer here, who I enjoyed on Avengers Academy very much. The artist Tomm Coker doesn't ring a bell, but I'll pick this up for the solid script alone. Maybe the world is ready for my Vision/Marvex The Super Robot buddy book..?

Oh, Marvex, how I wish you were here to help aid in our battle against the Great and Terrible Deen. I know the Club is in the field now, awaiting my orders. How do you order a young man to face Paula Deen at full strength? How do you order a man... to die?

Cheers (Hopefully not the last time I write this).

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