Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For February 20th, 2013

Marvex, old friend, you gave it your best shot...

Recovering from our initial encounter with Paula Deen, your Colonel is recovering in the infirmary ward with a fresh stack of comics. So if you can't swing by and sign my many casts, head to your local comic book retailer and pick up one of these!

Justice League Of America #1 (DC)

FOR AMURICUH! Geoff Johns and David Finch introduce a second Justice League title with a more Patriotic(?) bend. With a cast of misfits like Vibe and Katana, they may not be the super-army we want, but it's the super-army we've got. So unless you're a terrorist or an avocado, grab a copy today!

The Shadow: Year One #1 (Dynamite)

The pulp icon's secret origins revealed! Dynamite has done a bang-up job with their Shadow material thus far, and this looks like a fine addition to that library of material. What evil lurks in the hearts of men..?

Happy #4 (Image)

Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson conclude this four-issue miniseries and I'm sad to see it go. Like any Morrison project, I'm always hungry for more! This has been a fascinating parody of Garth Ennis-style comic writing and Morrison even pokes a little fun at his own sensibilities as well. Image is sure to solicit a trade paperback or hardcover version of this one and I'll be glad to add it to my shelf. And if you thought I was done gushing for this week...

Daredevil #23 (Marvel)

...Mark F'n Waid! Daredevil has the best track record of any mainstream superhero as far as quality content and Waid's run falls right in line. It's been a 180 degree spin from the bleaker Daredevil of the past decade or so, but the current creative team has pulled it off quite nicely. This issue begins a new arc and promises a foe/scenario that will test Matt Murdock like he's never been tested before. That might sound like pretty standard comic hype, but with Mr. Kingdom Come himself at the helm, I'm inclined to believe them. (Poor Foggy *sad face*)

Hellblazer #300 (DC/Vertigo)

This is the end of an era, folks. A series that is synonymous with Vertigo for many readers finally reaches the end. The John Constantine character has been folded back into the DCU, with a new series on the way to boot, but it's just not the same, man! Pour yourself a stiff one and light up a smoke for one last romp with the Devil's favorite sorcerer.

And that's the business end of my comic stack for this week, chilluns! As I prepare for my sponge bath here at the hospice, get out there and buy some comics. Paula Deen is out there too so be careful; her liquid hot butter topping will make a lifeless stump out of even the stoutest contender. Unfortunately, I'll need extensive physical therapy after our last battle, so a special guest will be doing the picks for next week. I promise it wont be Marvex...


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