Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Bearden's Picks For February 27th, 2013

I'm submitting my picks of the week in the place of the Colonel this time. He's in intense physical therapy after that run in we had with Paula Deen. It was more of a "run out" for me however, as I fled at the first sight of danger.

Uncanny Avengers #4 (Marvel)

Rick Remender and John Cassiday have to stick the landing in this issue to solidify this as Marvel's flagship title. The awesome stuff brewing in Jonathan Hickman's Avengers titles has cast a long shadow over this book in my eyes thus far. Still, Remender and Cassiday have been a strong creative force behind Marvel's latest attempt as spawning another franchise. The triumph of the new Red Skull arc has been hit and miss so far, but when the team finally comes together this book will get the jolt of momentum it needs. Remender's also a creative writer who tells off the wall type stories that usually come back around in the end. Here's hoping they can tie up the first arc nicely and get this "team" of mutants and Avengers on track.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #0.1 (Marvel)

Brian Micheal Bendis claims he wrote the script for this issue right after stumbling upon Peter Quill's (Starlord) debut in back issues. This is a new look at his origins in the Marvel universe and a prologue to Bendis's new Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch, which gets a proper number one issue next month. Things are looking pretty cosmic in the Marvel Universe this season, so titles like this look like a good place to start if you wanna be in the know on current fictional events. Steve McNiven usually draws the hell out of whatever project he's working on, so the art should be excellent. It just remains to be seen which Bendis we're going to get here. The solicitations for future issues allude to shorter story arcs so hopefully Bendis won't waste too much space on conversations that don't move the story along.

Batman Inc. #8 (DC)

The news media gave this one away, but I wont spoil the big event here. Personally, I've felt this was coming since Batman Incorporated returned in the New 52. I guess DC was going to do this anyway and wanted to at least let Grant Morrison put his own toys back in the proverbial box. Several issues of this series remain under Morrison's pen, so who knows if the hubub about this was even neccessary. Could it be a fake out...?

Uncanny Skullkickers #1 (Image)

Jim Zub and Edwin Huang poke a little fun at the Big Two and their relaunch gimmicks with this "new" number one issue, which is actually the nineteenth in the series. Mixing anime-inspired mercenary action and espionage with D&D-esque fantasy elements has been a bang-up combo in this title and hopefully this faux-gimmick will attract some new eyes to the title.

Five Weapons #1 (Image)

This is the first issue of a new Image miniseries from writer/artist Jimmie Robinson, who's gained some noteriety as the creator of Bomb Queen. This latest funnybook offering is about a school for would-be assassins and looks to be in the Hunger Games/Battle Royale model. Robinson's art and character designs are always a visual feast (especially for manga lovers) so even if the story's a little shallow, there will at least be pretty pictures.

...and that's my stack for this week, gang. The Colonel will return next week to share his thoughts and picks in between strategy sessions with the Club. Be here in just seven short days as "The Hunt For Paula Deen" reaches it's penultimate chapter!

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