Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Colonel's Picks for August 28th, 2013

Woo-Haw! It's Wednesday, the only day of the week where I am actually enthusiatic about getting out of bed and going somewhere. It's that Texas heat, brother. It drains you!

Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 (Dark Horse)

The phenomenal duo of Art Baltazar and Franco move over to Dark Horse to work their all-ages magic on the Hellboy universe. If you liked Tiny Titans or the late lamented Superman Family Adventures, this is right up your alley. A cuter, cuddlier version of the Devil's son. Demonic entities turned into kids' properties seems to be a recurring theme in this week's picks. Read on...

Batman Incorperated Special #1 (DC)

So let's pretend you're the publisher of DC Comics, Dan Didio. You can throw your weight around take a shot at writing any character or team you please in the DC Universe. You could try and catapult the Doom Patrol or the Metal Men into super-stardom, or maybe tell that Batgirl story that's been lingering in your head since junior high. Anything you want. Anything. So naturally, you say "screw it" and team yourself up with artist Ethan Van Sciver and bring Bat-Cow into the limelight. Seriously though, the Bat-Cow preview pages that Mr. Van Sciver has posted here and there look incredible. Chris Burnham and a few other chaps have stories in this anthology one-shot as well, but c'mon...Bat-Cow. That shit is evergreen, man.

Arcane Secrets #1 (Amigo)

Lovecraft for kids! I never imagine I'd write those words. Cartoonist Angel Svoboda presents an all-ages take on the legendary Cthulu concepts. Doctor Ment and his faithful companion Harry Callahan race against the dark forces of such and such to gather a collection of lost relics containing the power of Xulu and some other big baddies. Just looking at the cover for this first issue reminds me of a kid's book that wouldn't be out of place in a Scholastic sponsored school book fair. Should be fun.

Journey Into Mystery #655 (Marvel)

It's a sad day as yet another fun comic with a strong female lead finds its head on the ol' chopping block. Reading the further adventures of Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill as they boot scoot around the Marvel cosmic landscape has been a hoot, but I guess all good things must come to an end. I for one have enjoyed Kathryn Immonen's writing style and look forward to what the future brings. Also, I can never get enough of that horse-faced hammer wielder, Beta Ray Bill.

Back Issue Magazine #67 (TwoMorrows)

This month, the fine folks at Back Issue are focusing on heroes out of time. Time travelers, elseworlders, and other timey-wimey content fill the pages of this month's issue. Almost all of TwoMorrows publications are pretty excellent, and honestly, I could spotlight any given issue of either Back Issue or Alter Ego. If nothing on the comic rack sets your world on fire, indulge in some comics history and try one of these.

Well, that's all I have to say about this week's stack. Get your butt in gear and go buy some comics. Enjoy the kid-friendly devil-worship trend while it lasts, friends!


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