Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Colonel's Picks for June 27th, 2013

A day late and a dollar short, folks, but at least I'm here. So, if you didn't make it to the shop yesterday for whatever reason, here are some last minute reccomendations from your very own Col. Reddenbacher.
Batman/Superman #1 (DC)

Greg Pak and Jae Lee present this latest incarnation of the World's Finest comics, teaming the alpha and omega of costumed crimefighters. Pak is a writer who needs no introduction to many Marvel readers, after lengthy stints with the Hulk and Hercules. Lee's art will surely be an equal contributor as readers of Before Watchmen: Ozymandias can attest. This one is a no-brainer folks. If you feel like CoH Podcast's own Chris Bearden and have written off DC as of late, give this one a try.
Justice League #21 (DC)

This month, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Shazam strip takes over all thirty pages of Justice League for the slam-bang conclusion to the origin of the New 52 Billy Batson and his first battle with Black Adam. If you've been paying close attention to other DC titles like Phantom Stranger and Justice League Dark, it wouldn;t be too much of a stretch to assume this will somehow tie in to next month's Trinity War crossover as well. Tie-ins and icky stuff aside, Johns and Frank's Shazam has been a wonderful little comic strip and represents the best way to use back-up features to introduce or reintroduce new concepts.
Larfleeze #1 (DC)

The Orange Lantern of Avarice stars in his own solo series, brought to you by Keith Giffen, Scott Kolins, and Hoawrd Porter. After last appearing in Green Lantern and Threshold, that evil orange muppet is taking his act on the road. How will Larfleeze fare against an enigmatic figure called the Lord of the Hunt? No one can say for sure, but it will probably be pretty funny thanks to Mr. Giffen. I'm lukewarm about Kolin's art, since I haven;t really enjoyed his work since he was drawing Flash and Marvel Team-Up several years back. We'll see which "version" of Kolins shows up for this book. I feel similarly about Howard Porter, whose art can range from solid to wonky within even a single issue.
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #1 (IDW)

The last Godzilla series from IDW ended with a bang, as the monsters of the world rose up to challenge the humans' dominance over the planet. This series by Chris Mowry and Matt Frank picks up on that cliffhanger as the monsters duke it out to decide who will rule the world! No subtext here, true believer, just a good ol' fashioned thirty-story tall smackdown!
Star-Lord: The Hollow Crown (Marvel)

A "lost" Star Lord story of sorts, by the legendary Steve Englehart and Steve Gan, this "mini-trade" collects material from Marvel Preview #4 and #11, as well the Star-Lord Special. Star-Lord is definently a character to watch moving forward, with Marvel's increased emphasis on their cosmic stable of characters. This little volume recounts his origin as an Earth-based astronaut, his tranformation into the Star-Lord, and his first encounter with the Master of the Sun. This should make a nice companion to the current Guardians of the Galaxy series, and I wouldn;t mind seeing Marvel make more of these based on the other Guardians such as Drax or Gamora.

And those are the Picks for this week folks. Expect things around CoH Central to return to a more recognizable pace heading forward. Look for new episodes of the CoH Podcast, new daily comic reviews, and even some new blood joining the ranks of the Club of Heroes!


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