Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For June 12th, 2013

Friends and liars, welcome once again to that weekly check-up with my pullbox, The Picks! This week, you will believe a man can fly...and break chains!

Superman Unchained #1 (DC)

Those chains couldn't hold him back in '38 and they can't hold him now. Current superstar writer Scott Snyder and the legendary Jim Lee present a brand new ongoing series starring DC's Man of Steel just in time to coincide with the new movie this weekend. Snyder's story features falling satellites, an angry Lex Luthor, and a superhuman secret dating back to the bombing of Japan in WW2. While Superman and Action Comics have left me cold for the past few months, this new effort shows a lot of promise. So I guess it's Up, Up, and more time.

Thumbprint #1 (IDW)

From author Joe Hill comes the gut-wrenching tale of an army private and former Abu Ghraib prison guard who seeks to start her new life out of the service. But as the solicitation copy notes, some things aren't so easily left behind. Artist Vic Malhotra is a new name to me, but what I've seen in the preview art is equal parts haunting and exciting. This old colonel isn't too proud of the things done in Old Glory's name in the last several decades, but at least the artists and writers of this generation are finally stepping up to the plate to address them.

Ehmm Theory #1 (Action Labs)

I've had more than my fill of zombie outbreak type stories, but this one includes a talking kitten. Just try and ignore a comic with a talking cat. I've got a shelf full of Sailor Moons and Chaykin's American Flagg that attest to this.

Six-Gun Gorilla #1 (Boom!)

The title says it all. I've been getting off on writer Simon Spurrier's X-Men: Legacy series for a few months now and the guy can do quirky but good. Yet underneath the sound and fury of his crazy ideas and outlandish scenarios is a usually a quality narrative. The man's like a young Peter Milliagn, blowing our minds with the Vertigo Shade: The Changing Man series all those years ago.

True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys #1 (Dark Horse)

Based on the album of the same name from girly-man rockers My Chemical Romance, True Lives is the brainchild of Gerard Way, who brought us the amazing Umbrella Academy comics several years ago. Way is quite the lyricist and a helluva storyteller. Child soldiers fighting vampires in a wasteland once called California? Either it's a recipe for disaster or a damn good comic book.

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