Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For April 24th, 2013

Hey folks, Colonel Orville Reddenbacher here! Every week I tell you what to read from your LCS, because thinking is hard. These selections are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for comic book excellence and stimulate your synapses.

Star Wars: Vader's Little Princess (Chronicle Books)

This is a follow-up to the critically and commercially successful Vader & Son by Jeffrey Brown. This isn't a comic book per se, but it's an interesting childrens book and I thought I'd give it Colonel's Pick status this week because Mr. Brown does a fine job in this genre. Imagine Darth Vader having to raise young Luke and Leia and the humor that stems from seeing the Sith Lord do everyday "dad stuff". This is a must have for Star Wars fans and geek parents everywhere. So lighten up from all the grim and gritty gunk on the comic shelves and inject a little whimsy into your life!

A Distant Soil #39 (Image)

Only recently have I come to appreciate the artwork of Colleen Doran, but she's been working in comics for over twenty years. Her series A Distant Soil has had a home at many publishers over the years and now after a six year hiatus, it will be making its return at Image/Shadowline. Mixing elements of fantasy and space opera stories, its a critically acclaimed work that is regarded as a masterpiece, even without a conclusion. Doran looks to rectify this by releasing the last leg of the series on a bi-monthly basis. She's done covers and other assignments here and there over the years, as well as work on trading cards and other merchandise, but this series is her baby and if you've never seen her art before, you're in for a treat.

Jupiter's Legacy #1 (Image)

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely unite for the first time since their run on The Authority several years ago and the writer promises this will be "a superhero epic that all future comics will be measured by". The superheroes of this world have grown old and passed the fate of the Earth on to a new generation. These "child stars" have all the power and none of the responsibility. Will the heirs to the superpower fortune be poison for the Earth? The pitch doesn't sound too original, but this old Colonel has faith in the bombastic pairing of Millar and Quitely. Mr. Millar may be Quitely's best collaborator next to Grant Morrison and I'm itching to see what they can cook up in this new miniseries.

Amala's Blade #1 (Dak Horse)

Writer Steve Horton and artist Michael Dialynas bring us a four-issue miniseries about a nation divided by technology and an assassin named Amala who's caught in the middle. Amala may be a little too good at her profession though, as the bigger powers in her world have conspired against her. Dialynas's artwork is something to behold, especially on a series like this, with wild fantasy and steampunk elements all over the place.

Superman Family Adventures #12 (DC)

Franco and Art Baltazar's awesome series comes to an abrupt ending this week. It's a damn shame too, as their take on the Super-Family may look too "cartoony" at first, but it reads well for both the younger and older set. This special final issue promises the return of Darkseid and will feature the other members of the Justice League, all rendered in the Art & Franco style. Fans of these two creators need not fret however, because they'll be doing a new series for DC later this year, reviving the Green Team concept. As much fun as their work on this and Tiny Titans has been, I can't wait to see what they do with a squad of teenage billionaires running rampant in the DCU.

And that's the stack for this week, breeders! Now let me remind you all that the boys put on a fine podcast production for your enjoyment as well, hosted on this very blog. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta spread my message of Peace, Love, & Comic Books to other corners of the multiverse.


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