Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For April 10th, 2013

Groove On! This Colonel is awake, brother. I am a free-flowing, pelvic-thrusting, not-so-secret agent of Peace and Love. Dear Reader, If the galaxy has been unkind to you in the lasts seven days, you know it's time to go to that one special place that always makes you feel better. Time to hop on the Colonel's stack!

Rocket Racoon and Groot Complete Collection TPB (Marvel)

Nearly every Rocket Racoon adventure is collected in this tome for just over 30 dollars. This one's worth it for the original Rocket mini by Mike Mignola alone. It's very early work from the man who later bring us Hellboy & B.P.R.D. The rest of the stuff is pretty spiffy too, comprised of various backup features and Rocket's scant appearances throughout the Marvel Universe. Like I said about Thanos last week, this is another character to watch going forward. Rocket & Groot may steal the show in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie and you don't wanna be that one guy at the theatre who doesn't understand why everyone else is so excited.

X #0 (Dark Horse)

From the pages of Dark Horse Presents comes X, an urban vigilante who plays for keeps. X is the brainchild of writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Eric Nguyen. X is not to be confused by with Mister X, who held a spot in the Colonel's picks just a few weeks ago. If nothing else, check this out for Mr. Nguyen layouts, that are sure to make the big wigs at the Big Two take notice. Also available from Dark Horse are the X Archives. Two omnibus-style volumes that contaion the rest of X's previous adventures in the city of Arcadia, where cash is King.

Li'l Gotham #1 (DC)

Dustin Nguyen's Little Gotham strips have appeared as back matter in the regular Bat-books for years now, and they finally have a home in their own regualr series. I have many fond memories of the X-Babies from my earlier days as a comic collector, and this looks to scratch that bizarre itch. The I-want-baby-versions-of-my-favorite-heroes itch. Dustin Nguyen can do grim and gritty pretty darn well as he's proven in the past on titles like Detective comics, but this cutesy, chibi-type stuff flows just as freely from his capable pen to the page. Oddly enough, this first issue contains a Halloween story and a Thanksgiving story, so this may've been digital first material. Here's hoping this isn;t just a miniseries of reprints and that Dustin is hard at work on new stuff too.

G.I. JOE The Cobra Files #1 (IDW)

The title to this comic might imply it's an OHOTMU or Who's Who type issue full of statistics and character profile pages, but this is actually a brand new story set in IDW's current GI Joe continuity. Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso bring us Chameleon, a Cobra agent turned good-girl looking for redemption. Flint is willing to take a chance on her, but can a former Cobra agent really be trusted? Oh, the intrigue! I remember my first double agent gig back in the day...

Colonized #1 (IDW)

From the co-creator of Zombies vs. Robots, Chris Ryall, comes this new miniseries about an alien spaceship animating the dead. Hmm...I'm noticing a recurring theme in Mr. Ryall's work. The artwork is by indy darling Drew Moss with covers by the indy master Dave Sim. Sim lending his talents to the covers of this miniseries gives this project a little more weight, even if it's at the expense of Mr. Moss. This should be a kooky horror/sci fi mash-up with trippy art at the very least, so I'll gladly plunk down my four sheckles.

A lot to love this week, Peace Warriors! Classic collections and new concepts side by side blazing a trail into forever. The best part about being an agent of Peace and Love? The LSD! Now get your green furry arms off me before I fire up this jetpack you damn dirty dandelion!


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