Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Colonel's Picks For May 29th, 2013

Planning to hit your LCS today for the weekly fix? Here are some recommendations from yours truly, the incomparable Col. Reddenbacher!

Adventures Of Superman #1 (DC)

Flying above the Orson Scott Card controversey like the classy superguy he is, Superman's new out-of-continuity adventures have gained a sheperd in the form of Jeff Parker. Parker is a criminally underrated writer whose work for Marvel on books like Agents of Atlas always stimulated the imagination. Under Parker's pen, look for the man of steel to soar to new heights. And who's gonna draw this bad boy? Chris Samnee, artist/genius who has been doing no less than a stellar job with Mark Waid over on Marvel's Daredevil title. I should note however, that this is a digital first series, so you better break out your tablet of smartphone if you wanna read this today. Me? I'll be beaming it directly into my noodle via telepathy! Or I'm just staring at a wall. God save me.

Pirate Eye (Action Labs)

This one-shot special has been dubbed "buccanoir" (get it?) by its creators Josiah Grahn and Carl Yonder. Smitty is a pirate turned P.I. who's trying to find a stolen treasure map and navigate his way through a world of scummy seadogs and assassins. This sounds so hard-boiled you'll have to eat it with a spoon. Bravo to Action Labs for trying out so many new concepts. They seem to really know what they're doing over there.

King Conan: The Hour Of The Dragon #1 (Dark Horse)

CROM! Conan is returning to the silver screen in 2014's The Legend Of Conan, so expect a deluge of new material from Dark Horse over the next year. This six issue miniseries features work from the legendary Tim Truman as well as Tomas Giorello, Jose Villarubia, and Gerald Parel. Adapting one of Robert E. Howard's original King Conan novels into the exciting four-color format should be a breeze for the talent listed, but will they bring their own brand of Hyborian salsa to the party?

The Wake #1 (DC)

Scott Snyder is the white hot author behind DC's current Batmans series as well as the critically acclaimed blood-soaked historical romp American Vampire. Sean Murphy is the visionary artist who teamed wtih Grant Morrison to bring us Joe The Barbarian as well as his kick-ass solo effort Punk Rock Jesus. Now these two titans of the current comics world clash to present The Wake, an aquatic based horror book that looks like a 21st century take on the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Snyder knows how write scary stuff, and Murphy's art can turn from fantastical to horrifying on a dime. This one should be a winner.

Morning Glories #27 (Image)

This issue begins "season two" of Nick Spencer's hit series from Image. After a not-so-long hiatus, the kids of the Morning Glories academy return to inject some much needed angst and drama into your life. There's an array of variant covers from some of today's biggest artists including Jamie McKelvie and Emma Rios. Which cover are you gonna wrap it in?

Captain Universe: The Hero Who Could Be You (Marvel)

This is less of a single issue or one-shot and more of a mini-trade for $7.99. Collecting material from Marvel Spotlight and Web Of Spider-Man as well as a few other appearances, this showcases the cosmic everyman known as Captain Universe. And "everyman" is quite apropos seeing as Captain Universe has no single secret identity! Each Captain Universe has a new civilian persona as the powers pass from body to body. It's the super-powered gift that keeps on giving, just pray it doesn't short out when you're zipping through space. Featuring art by Steve Ditko and many, many others, this looks like a fun alternative and yet a nice companion to the Captain Universe stuff currently occurring in Hickman's Avengers run.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and stimulate the economy! And I better not catch you smoking! Don't lie to me!! I can smell it on your hair...


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